About Mediterranean Cafe





In the Food Court at Flatiron Crossing


The Mediterranean Cafe is a unique fast service

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restaurant that captures the robust spirit of the many different countries and cultures and tastes that make up the Mediterranean region.

We feature the freshest available ingredients as the basis for all of our menu items. Enjoy the fresh food alternative and the how to trade bitcoin in south africa variety of flavors that make up the ‘cuisines of the sun’ at the Mediterranean Cafe. This goes way beyond the gyro and falafel sandwiches we are famous for!

In addition to our quick service restaurant located in the food court at Flatiron Crossing Mall, we also provide catering for business meetings or social events, offering a wide variety of choices - our catering menu is just the beginning!


We remodeled and replaced our menu boards a while back and improved on our lighting: the place looks great! See above, or a larger image. Stop by if you haven't seen us in a while. The menu items are largely the same, although we rearranged it to try and make it clearer. Very pleased with the results, although we know it is not perfect. More items are trade cryptocurrency gluten free: we have eliminated gluten from our falafel, basmati rice, lentil soup and caesar dressing. Our efforts have been guided by our continuing desire to maintain and improve quality and taste. Let us know what you think. A final bit of news is our on-line coupon- we want you to come visit!