About Mediterranean Cafe



About the Mediterranean Cafe

The Mediterranean Cafe opened at the Flatiron Crossing Mall in Broomfield Colorado in August 2000 and is the successor to the Falafel Man in Boulder, Colorado and a sister store to the Mediterranean cafe in Colorado Springs.

We strive to serve wonderful food and to provide exceptional customer service. We are committed to using fresh ingredients and providing fresh delicious food. We would love to hear from you about your dining experience, and, please, if we ever fail to meet our goals, please let us know - we will try to make it right and to do better in the future. You can always stop by, or call, or drop us a line.



Some Mediterranean Culinary Terms Defined:

Gyro - broiled lamb & Beef;
Tzatziki – cucumber yogurt sauce;
Falafel - made from garbanzo beans-healthy and delicious;
Spanakopita - Greek spinach & cheese pie;
Moussaka - Greek vegetable and ground lamb Casserole;
Dolmathes - Stuffed Grape Leaves;
Hummus - creamy garbanzo bean dip;
Baba Ganouj - roasted eggplant spread